Catalogue Seeds Of Oil Crops Oilseed Rape Khalk



1 400,00 грн


It is characteristic by powerful germinating energy of seeds. It is early ripe, resistant to lodging and drought, resistant to disease. It is characterized by homogeneous ripening and the ability to direct combine harvesting.

Main characteristics
Variants type Intensive type
Type of cultivation spring
Ripeness group early ripe
Vegetation periods, days 90-100 days
Morphological and agriculture characteristics
Weight of 1000 seeds 3,2-3,7 g
Oil content 43,6-45,7 %
Plant height 130 cm
Glucosinolates content 0,5-0,6 %
Erucic acid content 0,01 %
Potential yield 40 cwt/ha
Average yield for the years of testing 22 cwt/ha
Resistance to diseases and stress factors
Lodging 8,5
Drought 8,7
Abscission 8,5
Phomos high
Stem Canker high
Peronosporosis high
Sclerotinia high
Alternaria high
Bacteriosis high
Planting recommendations
Planting (thousand plants / ha) 1,0-1,2 million seeds/ha
Recommended cultivation area Marshy woodlands, forest steppe