Catalogue Seeds Of Cereal Crops Winter spelt Europe



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It is high-protein variety, suitable for extensive type of organic farming. It is different by light threshing of grain.

Main characteristics
Hybrid type Tr. Spelta L.
Type of cultivation winter
Ripeness group late -ripe
Morphological and agriculture characteristics
Plant height 110 cm
Tillering rate 1,3
Number of grain in ear 48 items
Density of the ear not compact
length of the ear 15 cm
1000 grain weight 42-43 g
1000 scoured grain weight 44,0-45,0 g
1000 non scoured grain weight 66,0-67,1 g
Potential yield 65 cwt/ha
Average yield for the years of testing 58 cwt/ha
Protein content 18-20 %
Crude gluten 40-45 %
Crude protein 20-22 %
Nature of the grain 670 g/l
Resistance to diseases and stress factors
Root rot tolerant
Brown rust resistant
Septorosis tolerant
Powdery mildew resistant
Yellow mottling tolerant
Ear fusariosis tolerant
Fusarium nivale resistant
Drought high
Lodging resistant
Abscission not lodging
Winter hardiness 8,3 - 8,8
Planting recommendations
Planting (thousand plants / ha) 5-5,5 million seeds/ha
Recommended cultivation area Forest steppe, marshy woodlands, steppe