Catalogue Seeds Of Oil Cultures Sunflower Attila



Price (UAH/p.i.)

*1 p.i. -150000 seeds of sunflower


Hybrid is extremely resistant to disease and stress conditions, designed for growing on different types of soil.

Main characteristics
Hybrid type simple
The group of ripeness ultra early
Number of days from young growth till flowering 58
Growth period 95 – 100 days
Morphological and agriculture characteristics
Head form flattened
Head incline half tilted
Oil content 51-52%
Plant height 160-165 cm
Head diameter 22-24 cm
Husk content 20-22%
Potential yield 52 cwt/ha
Average yield for the years of testing 40 cwt/ha
Resistant to the diseases and stress factors
Lodging high
Drought high
Abscission high
Phomos 7
Phomopsis 8
Rust 9
Powdery mildew 10
Gray mold (botrytis) 7
White mold (sclerotinia) 7
Sunflower broomrape A B C D E F
Sunflower moth resistant
Recommended density on harvesting time
Forest steppe 55-60 thousands of plants/ha
Steppe 50-55 thousands of plants/ha