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We offer to your attention catalog of «Ukrainian Scientific Institute of Plant Breeding (VNIS.

VNIS is the leader of the domestic varieties and hybrids of major agricultural cultures, first private breeding foundation on the territory of Ukraine, which is known to many farmers and goes out to the world market.

«Ukrainian Scientific Institute of Plant Breeding (VNIS has been founded by doctor of biological sciences Parii Fedir Mykytovych in 1999. The result of his long and painstaking research is more than 100 scientific papers in the field of genetics, breeding and seed growing, has more than 40 varieties and hybrids of agricultural cultures and patented 50 inventions of technology breeding process of agricultural cultures.

Analyzing the needs of plant industry and trends of development of the global agricultural market we create new hybrids and varieties that provide high quality and stable yield. Having breeding base, powerful scientific potential and leading experts in the field of breeding, we conduct research work on the creation of varieties and hybrids of sunflower, maize, rape, wheat, barley, rye, triticale, sugar beet and mangel and other field cultures.

Our aim – report the consumer about culture of using quality products of domestic producers in conditions of widespread using of varieties and hybrids of foreign selection.
The main value of our company — our partners. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of each client through the use of innovative high-tech solutions.

Our activity is aimed at the creation and introduction of new varieties and hybrids, using modern achievements of breeding, biotechnology and genetic engineering. Conducted joint research with expert’s specialized institutes and several private companies. Reaching a high level of breeding and genetic research in Ukraine, VNIS cooperates with breeding institutions around the world and registers varieties and hybrids abroad.

«From gene to the field» - our motto and basis for policy of VNIS. For obtain high quality hybrids and varieties, with its research base, our experts selected a promising original material with useful genes and form the future genotype of desired plants. Experts of VNIS develop methods for rapid creation of hybrid components based on cell technologies and genetic engineering. Indeed, DNA technology — a future that will speed up the process of breeding.

We guarantee the quality. VNIS doing everything possible for your comfort and to make you satisfied with our products. Each party of received seed passes quality control at every stage of production to produce high quality of sowing material.

We have formed a dealer network that covers all parts of Ukraine. Representatives companies follow the declared price policy and quality. In trade-consultative sales department of seeds are highly qualified specialists that will help choose the sowing material considering all agro-climatic features of your region.

VNIS maintains constant contact with farms, dealers and customers to obtain quality products and meet the needs of producer. Our team is always happy to help you — to answer questions and provide the necessary consultation.

VNIS company advantages:
— Quality control occurs from the creation of hybrid to implementation of seeds
— Own scientific breeding station allows introduce modern seed technology to create new high-performance varieties and hybrids
— Department of plant biotechnology (Research and Development) provides an opportunity to accelerate the process of creation of new forms of plants and increase their qualitative and quantitative characteristics
— Scientific and diagnostic laboratory controls the quality of products in full compliance with international quality standards ISO/TR17623 and ISO/TR17622
— Completion of sowing material carried on modern seeds factories
— Quality seeds, which gives a high and stable yields
— Dealer network formed and established two-way communication with the customer.

You will enjoy working with us!