In the "Ukrainian Scientific Institute of Plant Breeding (VNIS)" have been opened diagnostic center for agro-industry - LLC "AGROGEN NOVO" in 2012. The company was founded by leading experts in Kiev and Kharkov in the field of plant pathology, plant breeding, genetics, and molecular genetics.

We offer to you a wide range of analyzes using biochemical and molecular techniques that will ensure quality control of crop products, varietal supplies of seed and planting material, timely and highly specific diagnosis of phytopathogens of plant seeds and plant, monitoring of phytosanitary condition of crops and storage of agricultural products.
We also carry out diagnostics of infectious animal diseases.

The main diagnostic methods of our center are polymerase chain reaction (PCR), enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and immunochromatography (IChA).

The company is involved in realization of research projects in the field of plant breeding, genosystematic and mapping of genomes of crops culture.

Our customers - the leading agricultural companies in Ukraine, research institutes, universities, manufacturers of food products, veterinary clinics.


61110, m. Kharkiv, vul. Іvana Kamisheva, 57A

Phone office:

+380 (57) 780-05-65 +380 (67) 574-03-49

Fax:+380 (572) 93-60-58