Diagnostic laboratory LLC «AGROGEN NOVO» was organized in 2012 by leading Ukrainian experts in the field of plant pathology, breeding, classic and molecular genetics.
We offers a wide range of analyzes using traditional and modern biochemical and molecular methods that will ensure control and certification ofquality varietal supplies of seed and planting material, timely and highly specific diagnosis of phytopathogens of plant seeds and plant, monitoring of phytosanitary condition of crops and storage of agricultural products and also diagnosis of infectious diseases of domestic and farm animals.

During the existence of laboratory the team gained extensive experience in diagnostic services of veterinary and plant growing, developed and implemented in Ukraine new and current methods according to European standards, established itself as a reliable and conscientious partner.

The main diagnostic methods of our center are polymerase chain reaction (PCR), enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and immunochromatography (IChA).
Our aim — popularization, provision and expand the range of diagnostic services in agriculture, which will help our customers get high-quality and competitive products and provide veterinary and phytosanitary welfare of our country and its output to international markets.

Perform quality control of seeds and finished crop products, identify any pathogens or GMOs may only by laboratory methods.
AGROGEN provides services of laboratory analysis in the following areas:

We also perform diagnostics of infectious of animal diseases. Timely diagnostic of cattle and domestic animals diseases pathogens is important. Because correctly diagnosed significantly reduce your material costs and time spent on solving problems that may arise as consequences after wrong diagnosis or even its absence. Our experts offer to you analysis in the following areas: