Choosing corn hybrids with the right FAO for a specific field: tips from VNIS agronomist05.12.2023

The expert urges farmers to combine and grow corn with different maturity periods at the same time. According to him, this helps to minimize crop losses in case of stressful conditions during the growing period.

Yurii Nagornyi recommends allocating 25% of the area for hybrids with an early maturity group, 50% of the area for hybrids that best suit the conditions in the region, and leaving 25% of the fields for crops with higher FAO and later maturity.

- I never recommend farmers to sow hybrids with the same FAO on the same field - only different ones. Because some work in one season, and others "shoot" in the second. It all depends on precipitation at a critical time for corn. It's just easier to insure yourself. In today's conditions, when every penny is important for the farmer, choosing hybrids with the right FAO for your field can lead to significant savings," says Yuriy Nagorny.

These words of the expert also apply to small farms. The agronomist advises to pay attention to two hybrids instead of one, even for those farmers who sow corn on several dozen hectares. If the farm has a land bank of several thousand hectares, the expert recommends growing at least 5-6 hybrids.