Innovative hybrids of winter rape of Ukrainian breeding: Choosing quality10.07.2023


VNIS winter rape hybrid seeds are not only high-quality sowing material for high-yield crop production but also the contribution of the Institute's scientists to the stable future of Ukrainian seed production, one of the manifestations of food security.

- "This is true," says Myroslav Pariy, Ph.D., breeder, co-owner of VNIS, "The innovative hybrids of winter rape Maybach and Torus were developed during the period of covid restrictions and tested during the full-scale war. Under the difficult military conditions, our breeders continue to work on the next innovations and achieve good results. 

Despite the good feedback from farmers who work with them, winter rape hybrids developed by VNIS occupy 1% of the domestic seed market, although the Institute is always ready to offer farmers twice as much. In addition to the main volume of seeds grown for sale, it is possible to supply elite seeds to meet the internal needs of large farms. In this way, farmers can control the quality of the seeds by themselves, as they grow them in their own fields. In general, they say, there are virtually no restrictions on the production of seed. Thanks to the application of modern biotechnology, VNIS scientists have managed to speed up the process of hybrid production several times, and from now on, new innovative products will appear even more often.

- "The level of our research meets the highest international standards," says Myroslav Pariy, "What distinguishes our latest generation of rapeseed? While we used to work exclusively on productivity - yield as an integral indicator - the new winter rape hybrids, especially Maybach and Torus, are more stable than all the previous ones. We are pleased with the test results, as they show that in eight points of our research, these two new hybrids are among the top 15% of the best hybrids available on the Ukrainian market by all indicators.

By the way, VNIS has significant advantages in logistics, and it is also distinguished in favor of the farmer in the price segment, supporting agricultural producers with affordable prices.

- In these difficult times, we are working for the farmer and for the economy of our country - that's what matters most.



Breeders answer this question simply: because there are no similar hybrids on the Ukrainian or European markets.

- "There are no analogues of the Maybach winter rape hybrid on the Ukrainian market today," says Andriy Sydorov, head of the rapeseed breeding department at VNIS, "Its defining characteristic is resistance to tribenuron-methyl (SU) herbicides, an active ingredient that makes it possible to control a wide range of dicotyledonous weeds in dicotyledonous crops. The technology significantly reduces the cost of controlling these weeds in rapeseed crops.

The plants branch intensively and are not prone to overgrowth in the fall. VNIS breeders assure that the potential yield of this hybrid is up to 72 cwt/ha.

In 2021, many agricultural producers became interested in the hybrid, took it for testing, and last year they got good yields. Thus, farmers from Khmelnytsky (58 cwt/ha) and Ternopil (57 cwt/ha) regions managed to achieve the highest yields, while farmers in Mykolaiv region (45 cwt/ha) harvested the least amount of corn, and farmers in Kyiv and Vinnytsia regions reaped 53 and 50 cwt/ha, respectively.

- "This hybrid is innovative - there are similar developments only in Canada and the United States, neither in Europe nor in Asia - this shows the competitiveness of VNIS," emphasizes Myroslav Pariy, "The Torus winter rape hybrid is also unique in its characteristics.

Breeders managed to combine all the best features of modern rapeseed in the Torus hybrid: Increased cracking resistance and winter hardiness, tolerance to moisture deficit, enhanced protein synthesis, heat shock, which makes the plant better able to withstand elevated temperatures, enhanced wax coating, which contributes to passive protection against pests and diseases, as well as the negative effects of chemicals, increased resistance to viruses, and increased lateral branching potential.

- "This is a universal hybrid that in our trials outperformed the hybrids that our farmers 'pray' for," says Myroslav Pariy, "Under optimal conditions, Torus performs at the level of other top hybrids, but in crisis situations, thanks to its inherent properties, it reacts more calmly to stimuli. Torus is resistant to viruses, to difficult winter conditions, it has a higher bushiness - and, accordingly, yield. I think that Torus will win its place on the market, in the hearts and minds of our farmers.

Torus performs best when sown in optimal or early terms, and is suitable for cultivation in the western and central regions of Ukraine, although the high adaptability of the hybrid allows for a decent harvest in different soil and climatic conditions.

The increased genetic potential of the hybrid is claimed by the manufacturer to be 85 cwt/ha. Compared to the average yield of winter rapeseed in Ukraine, which is about 30 cwt/ha, this figure is simply impressive. In the test, the hybrid yielded 61 cwt/ha (Khmelnytsky region), 56 cwt/ha (Kyiv region), 55 cwt/ha (Ternopil region), 49 cwt/ha was harvested by farmers in the Vinnytsia region, and 45 cwt/ha in the Mykolaiv region.

NB: Both new products - Maybach and Torus - are based on classical technology and do not contain GMOs. They perform better on fields with adequate moisture supply during and after sowing but germinate even with a lack of moisture. Torus has a feature of better germination.

It's no secret that innovative hybrids respond best to intensive technologies, but even with minimal investment, their yields and seed quality remain decent.

- As a scientist, I would like to remind you that there is no absolutely universal hybrid for all conditions. The farmer needs to select the best of the best: conduct experiments at home, sow hybrids in several replications on the same field that he considers as candidates for future years, give a clear assessment, and track trends. Suppose you don't do this, and focus on advertising and marketing. In that case, there will be no business," adds Myroslav Pariy, "VNIS breeders are ready to help those who are interested in a scientifically sound choice of hybrids because breeding work does not end with product registration - we cooperate with farmers who bring our hybrids to perfection in production conditions.