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Diadema F1

Diadema F1

Features of the hybrid

Diadema is a special salad corn for baby corn use!


Gives two harvests per season!
Juicy nutritious delicacy in fresh and canned form!

Spatial isolation

From corn and sweet corn (su-, se-types) more than 300m

Main characteristics
Hybrid type simple, sh-2
Ripeness group mid-season
Vegetation periods, days 52-54
Using direction Fresh market (consumption), canning
Morphological and agriculture characteristics
Length of ear 18-22 cm
Diameter of ear 11-15 cm
Shape of ear cone
Depth of grains 0 cm
Plant height 180 cm
Numbers of ears per plant 1,5
Resistance to diseases and stress factors
Corn Smut (Ustilago maydis) 6
Helminthosporium 10
Fusarium 9
Recommended density on harvesting time
Woodland (thousand plants / ha) 80-85
Forest-steppe (thousand plants / ha) 75-80
Steppe (thousand plants / ha) 70-75
Yield structure