Catalogue Seeds Of Cereal Crops Maize Mantikora



Price (UAH/p.i.)

3 550,00 грн


1 p.i. seeds of sunflower hybrids - 150000 seeds


A new flexible hybrid for use as grain and silage. Suitable for biogas production. It has a high yield potential. Increased starch content.

Main characteristics
Hybrid type simple
Ripeness group mid-ripe
FAO 320
Using direction grain, silage, biogas
Morphological and agriculture characteristics
Grain type siliceous-odontoid
Plant height 230 cm
Height of corncob attachment 120 cm
Potential yield 21 t/ha
Average yield for the years of testing 14 t/ha
Resistance to diseases and stress factors
Helminthosporium 9
Fusarium 8
Ustilago zeae 8
Lodging 9
Drought 9
Recommended density on harvesting time
Yield structure
Number of grain rows in corncob 16-18
Standing density of plants before harvesting for grain
Woodland 75-80 thousands of plants/ha
Forest steppe 65-75 thousands of plants/ha
Steppe 55-60 thousands of plants/ha