Catalogue Seeds Of Cereal Crops Maize VN 6763

VN 6763

VN 6763

Price (UAH/p.i.)

3 550,00 грн


1 p.i. seeds of sunflower hybrids - 150000 seeds


The hybrid has a strong stem, making it highly resistant to lodging. Increased starch content. It is suitable for growing in all zones, for both the intensive technology and the technology of minimal soil cultivation. It has a high yield potential.

Main characteristics
Hybrid type simple
Ripeness group mid-ripe
FAO 320
Using direction grain, silage
Morphological and agriculture characteristics
Grain type siliceous-odontoid
Plant height 250-260 cm
Height of corncob attachment 95-100 cm
Potential yield 16,5 t/ha
Average yield for the years of testing 11,5 t/ha
Resistance to diseases and stress factors
Helminthosporium 8
Fusarium 7
Ustilago zeae 7
Lodging 8
Drought 9
Recommended density on harvesting time
Yield structure
Number of grain rows in corncob 16-18
Standing density of plants before harvesting for grain
Woodland 80-90 thousands of plants/ha
Forest steppe 65-80 thousands of plants/ha
Steppe 60-70 thousands of plants/ha