Catalogue Seeds Of Oil Crops Sunflower Mastak



Price (UAH/p.i.*):

*1 p.i. -150000 seeds of sunflower

The features of hybrid

A new hybrid. Resistant to the herbicides containing tribenuron-methyl (SU) — 50 g/ha. Has a consistently high yield and the maximum fullness of the head.

Main characteristics
Hybrid type simple
Ripeness group early
Vegetation periods, days 100-105 days
Morphological and agriculture characteristics
Head form flattened
Head incline inclined downwards at an angle of 45°
Oil content 51%
Plant height 165 cm
Head diameter 25 cm
Potential yield 58 cwt/ha
Resistance to diseases and stress factors
Lodging 9
Drought 9
Abscission 9
Phomos 9
Phomopsis 9
Rust 7
Powdery mildew 7
Gray mold (botrytis) 8
White mold (sclerotinia) 8
Sunflower broomrape A-E
Recommended density on harvesting time
Woodland (thousand plants / ha) 55-60 thousands of plants/ha
Steppe (thousand plants / ha) 55 thousands of plants/ha