Catalogue Seeds Of Oil Crops Sunflower Mahnum



Price (UAH/p.i.*):

*1 p.i. -150000 seeds of sunflower

The features of hybrid

A new hybrid. Resistant to the herbicides containing tribenuron-methyl (SU) — 50 g/ha. The highest yield is shown with extensive growing technology, shows good results even in unfavorable external condition.

Main characteristics
Hybrid type simple
Ripeness group early
Vegetation periods, days 105 days
Morphological and agriculture characteristics
Head form flattened
Head incline half raised
Oil content 50%
Plant height 178 cm
Head diameter 26 cm
Potential yield 55 cwt/ha
Resistance to diseases and stress factors
Lodging 9
Drought 9
Abscission 9
Phomos 9
Phomopsis 9
Rust 7
Powdery mildew 7
Gray mold (botrytis) 8
White mold (sclerotinia) 8
Sunflower broomrape A-E
Recommended density on harvesting time
Woodland (thousand plants / ha) 55-60 thousands of plants/ha
Steppe (thousand plants / ha) 55 thousands of plants/ha